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Custom Closets: the basics

Along with the master bedroom and ensuite, the walk-in-closet is an often-overlooked pillar of a tranquil and functional owner’s retreat. A well-designed, well-appointed walk-in-closet can help keep you organized, provide ample storage space and be a source of beauty in your home.

Elegant Woodwork manufacturers most of its closets from pre-finished melamine material. White melamine is standard but textured melamine in a variety of colours and styles are common upgrades. Closets can also be upgraded to painted MDF or stained hardwoods.

Half height closet sections showing double hang style.

Melamine is a great alternative the standard wire shelving used in most homes. In addition to the obvious - wire shelves are kind of ugly - melamine offers strong, sturdy, easy to clean surfaces. Melamine shelves can typically hold more weight than wire. The solid surface of melamine eliminates the creases in clothing that wire shelving creates. Melamine shelves accommodate more functional hanging rods allowing you to easily slide hangers back and forth.

Elegant Woodwork offers two main styles of closets:

“Half height” closets are fastened to the wall at a standard height (typically 84”). Half height closet sections contain a 15” deep side gables and top (which functions as a top shelf) and a cabinet back that extends halfway down to the floor. The wall and flooring are exposed below the closet section.

Full height closet sections, showing single hang and double hang sections.

“Full height” closets sit on the floor with sides and the back panel extending the entire height of the closet section (typically 84”). Full height closets feature a raised 15” deep base with a cabinet style toe kick below.

A large percentage of any closet should be devoted to hanging sections. There are two of hanging section styles: single hang and double hang. Single hang systems typically incorporate a small shelf added in top section a clothes rod below to accommodate dresses, suites and other long items of clothing. Double hang systems feature a top rod just below the upper panel (forgoing the shelf) but then featuring a shelf at the mid-point. A second rod is placed below the midpoint shelf and clothes hang below, doubling the amount of clothes that can be stored in the section. Both single and double hang sections are available using either full or half height sections.

Full height sections are used to create tower sections featuring a series of open shelves or a combination of drawers below open shelving. Open shelves are great for storing your folded t-shirts and sweaters. Drawers help keep your intimates out of site and are a great place to store jewelry, etc.

Once you have your basic closet layout determined, there are dozens of useful and functional options and alternatives that can be added to your design. Please contact us to learn about how Elegant Woodwork can help create the closet of your dreams!


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