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Essential accessories for your closet

So you decided to install melamine closets in your home – nice choice! You then determined the amount of single hang and double hang sections that will best suit your lifestyle (and wardrobe). Perhaps you have a sweater tower featuring a series of open shelves and/or a tower with a combination of drawers and shelves. Now what? If you truly want the closet of your dreams, you must next consider adding essential accessories that will add to the functionality of your closet.

For the purposes of this blog, we will focus on the most popular accessories you should consider. All of items shown below are available in multiple styles in colours to suit your design style and budget.

Pull out pant and skirt racks

Pull out pant racks are a great alternative to storing your pants on hangers. Pants are hung over fixed, evenly spaced rods allowing pants to hang freely and avoid wrinkles. The rack slides out to allow easy access your pants. Optional clips are available for hanging skirts.

© Richelieu Hardware Ltd, 1968

Tie and scarf racks

A slide out tie or scarf rack is a great alternative to a typical hanger style tie rack. Fastened to the vertical side of a closet panel, these racks slide out to reveal ties or scarves.

© Richelieu Hardware Ltd, 1968
© Richelieu Hardware Ltd, 1968

Belt racks

Similar to tie racks, sliding belt racks slide for easy accessibility and then can be neatly put away. A great alternative to a hanger style belt rack.

© Richelieu Hardware Ltd, 1968

Valet rods

Valet rods are small rods which can be pulled out from the edge of the closet. When recessed, only the tiny end if the rod is visible. Simply extend the rod to quickly hang your dry cleaning, or for setting out tomorrow’s outfit. Valet rods are one of those items that you never knew you needed, but once you have one you cannot imagine living without.

© Richelieu Hardware Ltd, 1968

Laundry hampers

Adding an integrated pull out or tilt out laundry hamper is a great way keep everything neat and tidy.

© Richelieu Hardware Ltd, 1968

Jewelry trays

Adding jewelry trays into a drawer are a great way to store your jewelry. Start with a basic velvet or leather liner or consider dedicated storage slots for glasses, watches, necklaces, rings, earrings, etc. The options are almost limitless.

© Richelieu Hardware Ltd, 1968

Shoe shelves and fences

Consider angles shelves with shoe fences to both store and display your shoes.

© Richelieu Hardware Ltd, 1968

The items shown above just scratch the surface of what is available. Each of the items shown are available in multiple styles, finishes and colours at various price points. When you add them all up, there are literally thousands of unique accessory pieces you can use in your closet. Please contact us to learn about how Elegant Woodwork can help create the closet of your dreams!


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